Flammable Storage Double Doors

Double Door Flammable Storage Cabinets suitable for the safe storage of hazardous substances in the workplace; flammable liquids such as paint and thinners.
All our double door flammable storage cabinets comply with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002(DSEAR), Paragraphs 94-96, along with appendices A & B and Paragraph 104 in the DSEAR ACoP L136 together with the Factory Inspectorates Certificate of Approval No.1 parts 3 and 4.
The cabinets are constructed from 18 and 20 gauge steel. Finished in tough epoxy polyester powder coat in yellow, and supplied with warning labels. Doors are reinforced for rigidity, and fitted with a metal chrome locking handle with 2 keys (spare keys available). All eight corners are welded for strength and to ensure the tank is leak proof. Adjustable shelves at 25mm increments, so you choose the position you require. Stands and spare shelves available for all cabinets.

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