Storage Cabinets for Hazardous Materials

We supply storage cabinets for flammable materials, pesticides, acids and COSHH anywhere in the UK, and also offer safe and secure payment and delivery options when you place your order.

If you are storing hand sanitiser for use in your workplace please be aware it is a highly flammable substance.
Our CB14F cabinet 457 X 457 X 457 is ideal for storing small quantities of up to 20 litres of hand sanitiser (4 x 5 litre tubs)
For 50 litre storage of hand sanitiser use our CB2F cabinet 915 X 457 X 457  (10 x 5 litre tubs) 
Please read our news story on hand sanitiser storage.

Storage Cabinets for Hazardous Materials

SC Cabinets provide storage cabinet products for hazardous materials that comply with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), Paragraphs 94-96, along with appendices A & B and Paragraph 104 in the DSEAR ACoP L136 together with the Factory Inspectorates Certificate of Approval No.1 parts 3 and 4.

All cabinets also comply with highly flammable and liquefied petroleum gases regulation 1972, and Health and Safety guide HSG51.

A conformity note is supplied with every cabinet for Health & Safety records.

If you are looking for a flammable storage cabinet, then look no further. Please use our website to browse our excellent range of quality assured storage cabinet and containers, meeting the highest standard of UK regulations. If you would like further information for any of our products or would just like to speak to one of our helpful advisors, either contact us or give us a call on 07930 495160. We are more than happy to help!