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COVID-19 Hand Sanitiser Storage

If you are purchasing hand sanitiser for use in your workplace please be aware it is a highly flammable substance.

Any containers of hand sanitiser that are not in use should be stored in a ½ hour rated flammable cabinet to comply with the Health and Safety guide HSG51 as set out by HSE. (

Sanitiser has a flash point of between 20-28 degrees depending on the make purchased, which means you can only store a maximum of 50 litres in any one cabinet.

Our CB14F cabinet 457 X 457 X 457 is ideal for small quantities of up to 20 litres (4 x 5 litre tubs)

For 50 litre storage use our CB2F cabinet 915 X 457 X 457  (10 x 5 litre tubs)